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Local Opticians are Going Green

Many businesses in Hartlepool are making a conscious effort to make their business practices better for the environment. Businesses across the town are making big and small changes to be kinder to the planet. We know that some businesses have been created with the primary goal of being an eco-conscious business and have encouraged other businesses to join their mission, implementing practices that in the long-term will benefit all of us.

Thomas & Saunders, an independent opticians based on York Road, recently contacted us to tell us all about the fantastic work they’ve been doing towards being an eco-friendly business. They have recognised the importance of making these changes and have started implementing some of these changes. Here is a little insight into the eco-journey. You could use their journey as a basis for your own eco-friendly changes.

1. Look at current practices

Their journey began by looking at their day-to-day practices and seeing where improvements can be made at each stage. Every little helps, so even a small change will make a big difference.

2. Consider what changes could be made at each step

3. Look what you could change about the services you offer

In Thomas & Saunders, they give their customers a bottle of lens cleaner when they purchase new glasses. They now offer a free refill to all of those customers. Each customer will now reuse their one plastic bottle, rather than needing to buy a new one. 

They’ve also begun stocking more glasses that are produced by eco-friendly brands. They are giving their customers the opportunity to make an eco-friendly choice.

4. Educate your team on the wider issues related to your business and/or industry

Thomas & Saunders recognised that their industry is heavily based around plastic that is rarely environmentally friendly. They researched how their options to be part of a change within their industry. We heard from Joanna about their experience: 

We went to London in April to a optical event to look for new eyewear brands that are planet friendly and sustainable. What was interesting was that there were many optical frames that were made of recycled plastics which we thought was the way forward, however on speaking to the companies we were told that once that frame was discarded it would still end up in landfill. 

We searched further and found the eco-conscious collection which is  bio based eyewear, this means that afteruse the material will degrade into carbon dioxide,water, mineral salts and new microbial cellular constituents (biomass). We also have Stepper eyewear which is manufactured using minimal water and the packaging and display lenses can all be recycled.
Joanna Thomas
Dispensing Optician and Practice Manager

It has been great to hear from Joanna at Thomas & Saunders about the first steps in their going green journey. They have shown us how easy it is to take a look at our everyday activities and make simple changes for a better future. 

We hope to see lots of Shop Hartlepool businesses following their lead in the future. If you’d like to read more about the Green Hartlepool initiative from the wider Love Hartlepool team, you can visit the Love Hartlepool website.

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