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Have a great hair day!

This week, we speak to Janice Auton, Co-Chair of Love Hartlepool and owner of local Hair & Beauty Salon Poppys Hairdressing. Janice supports other businesses in the town, introducing initiatives such as Totally Locally Hartlepool whilst growing her own Hartlepool based business. 

What is your backstory as a business owner?

I am the founder and owner of Poppys Hairdressing Est 1988 and have had an amazing, award-winning career in the hair industry over the last 40 years.

Giving up my scissors many years ago to work on the business, I think of myself as the driver that supports Tracy, my manager, and the team, making sure the business is financially secure, organised, efficient and forward thinking with the best of the best hair colours and products. This ensures both the team and clients have a great experience, creating great results with fun along the way.

Recently we have had to embrace so many changes. My focus has been and always will be the ultimate safety of everyone who visits the salon. We will continue with the PPE requirements until I am absolutely convinced this Covid-19 pandemic is under control. These changes have become Poppys normal practice, and many will stay.

I see Poppys Hairdressing as a constant in your life, a place to visit to friends and at the same time a place of professional pampering. Hartlepool is my hometown and we truly have embedded ourselves into the Hartlepool community.

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What do you love most about running your own business?

Being in business is a roller coaster of emotions, especially after the last few years, but we have been committed to surviving and securing the team’s jobs and apprenticeships.

Hairdressing is one of the most rewarding careers. What’s better than working with a dedicated team and creating a friendly atmosphere that spills out into the salon in the way we welcome clients and give them a wonderful experience and beautiful hair? We truly are privileged to instantly make you look and feel better.

Ultimately it’s all about hair!

What is currently trending or most popular at the moment?

We are experienced in hair colour with 45% of clients choosing us to colour their hair. We use only the best quality products to give you your desired look. Your hair colour is something that should make your eye’s come to life, something spirited, that is a constant reminder of who you are. Complimenting your complexion and making your eyes shine brightly.

Our newest service is helping those going through difficult times with hair thinning or hair loss. We offer some time with a qualified, experienced hairdresser/wig fitter who will guide clients into making the right choice in a private, professional and friendly service.

More information about Poppys new Wig Specialists can be found on their website. 

What can we look forward to for your business this year?

In 2022 we are embracing our sustainability responsibilities.

It has been an integral part of Poppys Hairdressing since the beginning. We believe we have an obligation to think and act in an environmentally and socially responsible way. Clean Beauty is about more than just ingredients.

Our first step was to align ourselves with like-minded innovative manufacturers with strong ethical values for sustainable production and end products that offer Vegan hair colours and hair products.

We’ll finish our interview by asking the all-important question, why did you decide to join Shop Hartlepool?

Why wouldn’t I want to be part of an innovative, forward-thinking platform that promotes all Hartlepool businesses across the Borough any size and any description? With a great dedicated team getting ‘us’ all out to new market opportunities.

Thank you to Janice from Poppys Hairdressing for introducing us to her story of becoming a successful business owner, what Poppys Hairdressing has to offer and what we can expect to see from the business going forward. 

Local businesses and the people who make them successful are a key part of Hartlepool and the reason why Shop Hartlepool was founded. We want to shout from the rooftops about the successful people and businesses. Discover Poppys Hairdressing and more local businesses on Shop Hartlepool. Follow us on social media to keep updated on other local businesses. 

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